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Rak’s Quality Plumbing know the value in making sure your home and appliances are safe and secure, especially when it’s your family’s wellbeing in concern.

A thermostatic mixing valve or TMV, is a valve that mixes your hot and cold water systems, ensuring you have access to constant temperatures in your bath, shower and taps. This can prevent nasty scalding and overheating issues, and is a great idea if you have kids in the house.

We use trusted and well-known suppliers and bring you only the best quality TMV products in the industry.


Thermostatic Mixing Valve Installations, Services & Regulators

Thermostatic Mixing Valves are important in our society as they enable regulated water flow at a constant temperature. It is imperative that they are installed and serviced professionally to prevent scalding and injuries. RQP are the natural experts in thermostatic mixing valves as we always put safety first and ensure each job is carried out in compliance with current legislation.

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