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RQP Pipe Solutions

Our team at RQP are the experts for your pipe related plumbing needs – from burst pipes, to undetected leaks, noisy pipes, low water pressure, rust and repairs.

Burst pipes can be extremely damaging, inconvenient and costly. RQP get straight to identifying the source of the problem using modern technology such as water leak and electronic pipe locators. Whether behind walls or underground there’s no leak we can’t find.

If your pipes are old or damaged, RQP will explore alternative options with you where possible such as relining to extend the life of your pipes saving you money. We can fix any issue such as low water pressure, rusty water or water hammer (shudder when you turn taps on and off).

Burst pipes – your Problem, our Profession

Got a burst, leaking or noisy pipe? RQP have the team and tools to solve any pipe related issue, and with our quick response times and emergency services we are here to help 24/7. Our experienced tradesmen are equipped with the latest technology, enabling accurate diagnosis saving you time and money.

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