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    Plumbing Services in Dundas!

    Looking for a plumber in Dundas? We’ve got the best. After more than a decade in the industry, we’ve painstakingly assembled the best plumbers in Sydney, all under one roof. Our elite plumbing services in Dundas are incredibly experienced in all things plumbing and provide quality work with the highest-quality tools. Built as a community-centric business, our mission is to bring your ideal plumbing experience to Sydney. From emergency plumbing services to plumbing health checks, we’re your people. If you have a plumbing issue, chances are, we’ve seen it before and know exactly what to do about it. We also do scheduled visits, as we believe prevention is better than cure. Keep your plumbing in top shape, all year round.

    Got a Leak? We’ll Take a Peek. Call Our Plumbers in Dundas

    The plumbing industry doesn’t always have the best reputation. Plumbers can often be unprofessional, do makeshift work or give exorbitant quotations. We do the opposite! We take pride in amazing customer service, our prices are market-leading, and our work is of the highest standards. Our plumbers in Dundas are easily accessible at any hour, so you know who to call when your bathroom floods at 3 a.m.

    Here are just some of the services Rak’s Quality Plumbing (best plumbers in Sydney), provides:

    • Backflow prevention: this is when wastewater flows back to your property and contaminates your water supply. Gross! We have extensive backflow testing methods and can help you design, install, and replace your backflow prevention systems. Whether you’re in a multi-storey building or a landed property, we’re the perfect team to inspect your backflow installations.
    • Fixing leaks: the classic plumbing job. Needless to say, we’ve got the most efficient and reliable leak sealing service in Sydney. You can be sure that leak won’t crop up again. We even detect leaks that aren’t obvious, to help you save money and water you didn’t know you were wasting.
    • Installations: get your fixtures professionally installed! From installing toilets to dishwashers and sinks, we’ll get your bathrooms and kitchens looking fresh and pristine. Another advantage of our experience in the industry is how well-acquainted we are with all leading hot water systems. We’ll have hot water up and running in your new house within hours.
    • Gas services: we’ve all heard those horror stories of gas explosions. Safety is key in gas installation, to prevent any fatal leaks. We have extensive experience fitting new gas systems, so you can keep your peace of mind when cooking.
    • Pipe relining: all sewage pipes often thin over time. This wear and tear can cause cracks and terrible smells. At Rak’s, our technicians aim to fix even the tiniest defect, to prevent any future disasters.

    Strata Plumbing in Dundas Made Straightforward

    If you need strata plumbing in Dundas, Rak’s Quality Plumbing is the best option to guarantee speed, quality, and transparency. You might be wondering what strata plumbing is. To make it easy, a strata plumbing system carries water in and out of multiple private properties in an area, making it common property between all those lots and individuals.

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    If you live in a complex or an area with many privately owned properties, you might be part of a strata scheme. If you are, someone’s probably informed you already, but it can be easy to forget. It’s a boring piece of info that doesn’t matter…until it really does. When plumbing issues occur in a strata scheme, someone has to cover the costs. It’s not always clear who that “someone” is.

    That’s why we at Rak’s Quality Plumbing encourage you to familiarise yourself with your strata scheme. We suggest learning, if possible, how many others are in your strata scheme. You’ll also want to enquire as to which parts of the system are your responsibility! If you know the answer to that, you’ll know when you’re being fairly billed for plumbing work. That’s why if you ever need to fix your hot water in Dundas, you need to get in touch with our trusworthy and qualified technicians. We are pretty flexible and available 24/7 to help with your plumbing issues even in different locations of NSW which include Castle Hills and Hills District

    If you suspect you’re not being fairly billed, don’t be afraid to query responsibility. Insurance companies will be all too happy to step in and decide who’s responsible for payments, and if you think it’s not you, say so!

    If you’re the one who is in need of strata plumbing in Dundas, you’ll also want plumbers who already know the legal aspect of these jobs. That saves you the trouble of explaining it if it comes up. Safe to say, we’re familiar with it, and we can help. We don’t just handle troubles with hot water in Dundas.

    When Should You Call a Plumber For Blocked Drain in Dundas?

    Blocked drain in Dundas and medicine have something in common: whenever possible, prevention is always better. If you can catch a problem before it gets really bad, it’ll save you a lot of money and stress in the future. At Rak’s Quality Plumbing, we work hard to make sure you only ever need to call us once for a given problem, too; if you call us in early, you won’t be hearing any more about that issue.

    Here are some signs that something may be about to go wrong in your plumbing:

    • Rattling Pipes: Not everyone is a blocked drain plumber in Dundas, but practically everyone knows what water flowing through a pipe should sound like. If, instead of that, you hear an odd rattling, it might mean one of your pipes is not properly fastened in the system. It’s also often caused by water flow being interrupted or redirected very suddenly. Call us if you hear anything like this! Loose pipes can be thrown out of place completely, and when that happens, you have truly expensive leaks on your hands!
    • Water Pressure Change: You might never think about it, but you know exactly what your home’s water pressure is. If your sinks or showers suddenly had just a bit more or less pressure than before, you’d notice it right away, even if you had never considered it before. If you notice that kind of change, don’t ignore it! A sudden drop in water pressure can indicate major blockages in your pipes, which can eventually cause pipes to burst.
    • Sluggish Drainage: You’ll see the odd blocked drain in Dundas every now and then; it’s a very common problem, and it’s not very worrisome. However, if you notice all your drains being slow at once, that’s a different problem altogether. That’s a possible plumbing emergency, and the sooner we investigate and repair, the better.

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    We are the Best Plumbers in Dundas: Let That Sink In…

    Find out how much your job could cost on this site by getting a free quotation at your convenience. You can also email us at service@rqp.com.au, and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

    We’re friendly, we’re fast, we’re transparent, and we provide the best plumbing services in Dundas and we get the job done perfectly. Who you gonna call? Rak’s Plumbers!

    We also provide other plumbing services in other areas around Sydney including plumber Hornsby and plumber Hills District.


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    What Our Client’s Say’s

    “Daniel from Rak’s Quality Plumbing provided excellent service. He fixed the leak quickly and professionally. Great communication throughout the whole process. Strongly recommend using this company for your plumbing needs.”

    Sally Chan

    “Mitch from Rak’s Quality Plumbing provided excellent service. He was on time, and done a fantastic job to renew my whole gas line which services my house. I would strongly recommend using this company for any of your plumbing needs, I have never received a better experience from any Sydney Plumber before. Forget the Rest – Use the Best!”


    “David was very friendly and helpful. Did honest work and made us happy. The shower drain was fully blocked and he cleared everything. Amazing Job 👍”

    Aayush Nahar

    “Wayne was amazing in showing up on time and getting the job done.. he went above and beyond.. will use his services and defenitely recommend Rak’s Plumbing and Wayne for sure.. Mitch was amazing as well”

    Nagi Reddy

    “Both Daniel and Jamie were amazing, kind and professional. Work was done quickly and efficiently and explained to us every step of the way. We paid what we were originally quoted!”

    Bec Thompson

    “Wayne was punctual, polite and professional. He not only fixed the issues we had, but went the extra mile to identify other points which would prevent serious damage being done to the property in the future. I would, and will, recommend his services to anyone.”

    Sue Foote

    “We had leaking toilets and laundry tap, Wayne and Kieran did an amazing job. Efficient, friendly and fair priced. We are really happy with their customer service and definitely would recommend them to anyone in need!”

    Selena Li

    “Mitch was on site within one hour of calling up; clean, professional, and worked with us to get the job done within our budget. Highly recommended and very easy to deal with! Thanks for the good service.”

    Ryan Tagatezzi

    “I have used Rak’s Quality Plumbing for many years. On this occasion, it was James who arrived, he was on time, completed the work promptly and left everything as clean as he found it. Thanks James.”

    Debra Dunlop

    “Wayne and James showed great professionalism by arriving on time and completing a rather difficult job of repairing a serious leak under the house. They also did clean up every time they finished something. Both are polite and friendly. Well done and highly recommended!”

    Robert Qu

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